18 Unbelievably Cheap But Awesome Diy Home Decor Projects

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You can apply these home ideas in your kitchen or in the kids’ rooms. Chalkboards are a great way to keep lists visible while not ruining the home decor.

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Home ideas that won’t break the bank!

Who doesn’t love cheap home decor designs that make your

home look like it was decorated by a professional interior designer? I wanted to compile a slew of options that would include exotic home decor, southern home decorating ideas, Christmas home decor just to name a few! I want everyone to be able to be their own home designer and not have to pay out the wazoo to achieve a beautiful outcome for their homes. Many of the people I spoke to about home decor and what was the hardest thing about it, told me that being able to afford the materials to make the magic happen was numerous uni. So folks here are a few amazingly awesome creative ideas that would blow your socks off when it comes to renovating the rooms in your home!

Let me start with a simple welcome mat stencil, get a flat piece of ply and attach it to a sturdy frame. Then place your welcome mat (the one with the cut-out designs) similar to what you see in this photo and spray paint into the spaces. It’s that easy! You peel off the mat and you are left with a large wall design that you can hang above the reading desk. Cost? Ten bucks tops! Next, we are tackling that reading space for the girls’ room, Cordon off a corner using wispy see-through drapes and a few throw pillows, how’s that for fairy magic huh? Now let us make the space bigger by hanging a mirror, not just any large mirror people, we are going to break those CDs into small pieces and glue them all around the mirror and make a mosaic that’s unique and most importantly cost effective! Holidays are around the corner, no problem grab some old plant pots and get festive with metallic gold and silver for an instant holiday upgrade at a fraction of the cost. It is possible to decorate a house with no money, after all, you just need to get some of those creative juices flowing in a constant, steady stream. You can check out my blogs and videos for more ideas and feel free to send me your thoughts in the comment section, happy decorating!


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