She Is Drilling Holes Into A Cake Pan To Make A Mindblowing Table

The round wood side table created in this tutorial was made with a 16 in x 2 in cake pan.


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Find the perfect cake pan for your dark wood side table

The Supplies She Uses To Make This Gorgeous Little Side Table Are Beyond Creative And When You See How It All Comes Together, You Will Be As Surprised And Impressed As I Was.Have you ever thought of creating a round, cherry wood bedside table by yourself? It might seem like a tedious job, but just think about the fact that you can design an original piece that no one else has in their home, with a minimum budget! There have been countless times when I went to my neighbors’ house just to find out that we probably have similar pieces of furniture or even the same ones.

I saw this table there

If youre looking to have in your home a unique, dark wood side table, we have just the right decorative side tables ideas for you. It all starts with a cake pan. How about that? Well, yes, to create a beautiful, DIY side table you will need a few wooden items and a cake pan which will serve as a base for your table.

Decorative side tables with a design similar to the round wood side table presented here would probably cost up to $300. The materials used in this tutorial cost no more than $70, and just look at how great it turned out. You can obtain different wooden finishes so that your table will fit perfectly among the rest of your furniture.

For this tutorial, youre going to need a few items that might seem unconventional at first. How can you actually turn a cake pan into a round wood side table? Well, the cake pan will actually stand upside-down, and if you spray it with a pastel color, it will look amazing in combination with the wood round that will serve as the table top.

You need pastel mint green and some gold spray

Youll also need to purchase separately some table legs for decorative side tables, and different top plates to attach the legs to the table. Youll most definitely need a drill, so if you dont have one around your house, you can rent it at a local hardware store.

The round wood side table presented in this tutorial was sprayed with a pastel mint green color, and with a beautiful, dark wood stain. In our opinion, the two colors go perfectly together, but you can easily substitute them with any combination you like. We would even go for pink and a light oak! You can also substitute the gold spray paint with a silver or copper one. Hows rose gold for a change? Be creative and design your ideal round wood side table, without having to spend hundreds of dollars. [/read]

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